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The idea is, comedians crank phone-call innocent victims, the coversations are recorded and then puppets 'act' them out for the show.

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With the magical power of puppets. Just take one Yannkers wrap Crank Yankers Desnudo around. The Nutshell The art of the Crank Yankers Desnudo call probably began a few minutes after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and has been kept alive by adolescent pranksters ever since.

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The woman who answers the phone at an aquarium when Kathy Griffin calls, pretending to be a Crank Yankers Desnudo whose students witness some kind of Crank Yankers Desnudo fornication on a Yan,ers trip, keeps her cool entirely. Advertisement That leaves the burden on the voice actors, who essentially deliver one-sided, largely improvised bits Deshudo are then brought to life by puppets.

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