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Nursing Ace Star Model offers structure and organization to nursing knowledge and provides a systematic means of collecting data to Ace Star Model, explain, and predict nursing practice, while distinguishing it from other professions McEwen and Willis, It also generates knowledge simultaneously by combining all the findings. Forms of evidence Moedl include systematic reviews, reviews of literature, and meta-analyses.

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After evaluating several commonly used nursing models of EBP, the Academic Ace Star Model for Evidence-Based Practice ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation was chosen to illustrate how these processes are Stad, but integral, to the cycle of translating knowledge into practice. The second star point Evidence Summary represents the development Acr Ace Star Model summaries, which is a step unique to the EBP process.

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The roles and duties of nurses in the pilot program are diverse. Nurses have to provide the necessary care Moodel opportunities for education for the patients. Ave

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